Flag of Amazonas, Colombia
Amazonas, Colombia.png
Adopted (unknown)
Designed by (unknown)
Proportions (unknown)

The flag of Amazonas, Colombia.

The flag is made up of five horizontal stripes, green at the top, yellow at the middle and white at the bottom, and two black stripes, one above and one below the yellow strip. The ratio of the flag is 21 by 13. The ratio between the stripes is 180: 1: 16: 1: 64.

The figures (in black), their positions and dimensions are as follows:

  • The first of these is located in the upper left part of the flag, just in the green stripe, it represents an indigenous warrior arranged in a shooting position with an upward bow. It is 29 cm long by 23 cm high.
  • The second one is located in the upper right part, also in the green stripe, it represents a jaguar leaping in the direction of the arrow. It is 37 cm long by 15 cm high.
  • The last one is a five-pointed star that is located in the yellow stripe just below that of the jaguar, and represents the city of Leticia. It is 20 cm long by 15 cm high.


  • The Jaguar Hunter
    • El cazador de jaguar