Flag of Antwerp (province)
Antwerp Province.png
Adopted 18 October 1996 (accepted by Antwerp province government)
7 January 1997 (approved by Flemish government)
Designed by (unknown)
Proportions 2:3

The flag of the Province of Antwerp was adopted by the Provincial Council on 18 October 1996 and approved by the Flemish Government on 7 January 1997.

From historical and heraldical points of views, it was better to stick to the old Brabant tradition of chequered flags. This tradition traces back at least to the insurrection against the absolutism of Filip VI. The association of red, yellow, blue and white from the main colours of Antwerp (red-white), Mechelen (yellow-red) and Turnhout (white-blue) can easily be compared to the historical models.


The colors on the flag symbolize the three cities in the Antwerp Province. Antwerp has a red and white flag, Mechelen has a yellow and red flag and Turenhout has a blue and white flag.