Flag of Asturias
Adopted December 19, 1990
Designed by (unknown)
Proportions 2:3

The flag of Asturias (Spain), is blue with a yellow Cross of Victory, with the Greek letters Alpha and Omega hanging from the arms. The vertical axis of the cross should be placed at 13of the flag´s length, towards the hoist.


It represents the wooden oak Cross of Victory, carried by king Pelayo at the battle of Covadonga, at the beginning of the Spanish Reconquista in 722, wich was covered with gold and precious stones in 908 (this being the reason why it´s represented in yellow) with the sky on the background (this being the reason why the field is blue). The actual cross, depicted in the flag, is kept at Oviedo´s cathedral.


  • Blue Pantone 829
  • Yellow Pantone 109
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