The flag of Australia has a blue background, with the Union Jack in the canton, a white seven-pointed star below the Union Jack, called the "Commonwealth Star", and a representation of Crux in the fly half of the flag, in white seven-pointed stars, but the star representing ε (Epsilon) Crucis is a five-pointed star.


The inclusion of the entire UK flag represents the history Australia has with the British. Below it is the Commonwealth Star, uniting it with the other British colonies, who now share a monarch. The Southern cross is one of the most visible constellations in the Southern Hemisphere and it has represented Australia since the early days of British settlement. The four main stars also symbolize justice, prudence, temperance and fortitude.


Flag Colors[]

Color Color Name HEX RGB Color of
Dark Blue #012169 The Background
White #ffffff The stars, white parts of the UK Ensign
Red #e4002b The red parts of the UK Ensign


  • Six people are credited with designing the same flag, all of which were schoolchildren at the time.
  • An altered version of the flag appeared in The Simpsons.


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