Flag of Belarus
Flag of Belarus.svg
Adopted February 10, 2012 [1]
Designed by Belarusian government, based on design by M.I. Gusyew
Proportions 1:2 [2]

The flag of Belarus is a horizontal bicolour of red and green, with the green stripe on the bottom one-half the thickness of the red stripe on top. On the hoist of the flag is a vertical red and white representation of the Belarusian national ornamentation. [3]

The flag was originally based on the flag of the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic of 1951 (with the hammer and sickle removed). In 2012, the flag was modified with a new ornamentation.



The national ornamentation was added in 1951 when new pattern of the Soviet flags was introduced [4], it is based on a common pattern on rushnik rugs in Belarus. Its original author was a peasant Ms. Matrona Markyevich from the village Kastsilishcha. The ornamentation was modified in 2012.

The elements of the ornamentation have symbolism as follows:

  • the central rhombic figure symbolises the rising Sun;
  • the horn-like figures to the left and right of it symbolise wealth and welfare;
  • the figure inside of the rhombus there is the "key to happiness";
  • the rectangular figure with the smaller rectangles adjoining from the left and right is the "votive sign", expressing the desire for fulfilling of the hopes;
  • the pattern figure symbolises bread (that was absent from the original embroidery, added after some discussion).

Allegedly the rhombic ornamentation reflects the pattern on a section of a mammoth tusk.[5]


Color Symbolism
Red and Green The color of the former Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic.

The red and green stripes are borrowed from the Belarusian coat of arms.

White Traditional Byelorussian colors.



The first Belarusian flag was a white-red-white triband, which was adopted by the Belarusian People's Republic (March to December 1918). Its colours were based on those of the Republic's coat of arms Pahonia, which had a white horseman on a red background. The white colour also alludes to the name of the country (Belarus, "White Rus"). Allegedly a similar flag was already in use in the 15th century.

The Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic was formed in 1919 and lasted till 1991. In 1922 it became one of the constituent republics of the Soviet Union. From 1919-1951 its flag was a red banner with the golden inscriptions CCРБ (SSRB, Soviet Socialist Republic of Belarus) or БССР (BSSR, Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic) in canton.

From 1941-1944, the country was occupied by Nazi Germany, and the occupational administration allowed to use the white-red-white flag of 1918. It appeared on arm patches of Belarusian volunteers in the German Army and Waffen SS.

In 1951, the republic adopted a new flag (similar to the current one) according to the new pattern of the flags of the Soviet republics. It was the only flag of a Soviet republic with a kind of national motifs in it (the ornamentation).

The republic proclaimed its independence in 1991, and the white-red-white flag was re-adopted. It was controversial due to being used by the pro-Nazi collaborationist government. Currently it is officially prohibited, but it is still used by opposition groups.

The flag was changed in 1995, and was based of the flag of the BSSR. The flag was modified in 2012, with a new ornamentation.


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