The flag of Brazil, also called Brasil, is green with a yellow diamond in the center of the flag. In the center of the diamond is a large blue circle. Inside the blue circle is a stylized version of the Brazilian night sky, with white five-pointed stars representing the stars. In the center of the blue circle is a white thick curved line, with the words "ORDEM E PROGRESSO" in green, on the banner.


Although it is frequently said and written that green background represent's Brazil's forests and yellow represents Brazil's wealth, these two colors, in the same pattern, are part of the Brazilian imperial family stem and flag [3]. The 27 stars represent Brazil's 26 states and its Federal District. "ORDEM E PROGRESSO" is Portuguese (the official language of Brazil) for "ORDER AND PROGRESS".[4]

The flag's colors are borrowed from the Brazilian coat of arms, minus red.


Flag Colors[]

Color Color Name HEX RGB Color of
North Texas Green #009c3b The background
Golden Yellow #ffdf000 Diamond
Catalina Blue #002776 Circle
White #ffffff Curved line, the stars


  • Ordem E Progresso