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Flag of Brittany
Gwenn ha du.png
Adopted 1923
Designed by Morvan Marchal
Proportions 2:3

The flag of Brittany (Breton: Breizh) has 9 horizontal stripes, five black and four white, as well as an ermine canton. (see below)


The nine stripes represent the traditional dioceses of Brittany into which the duchy was divided historically. The five black stripes represent the French or Gallo speaking dioceses of Dol, Nantes, Rennes, Saint-Malo and Saint-Brieuc, while the four white stripes represent the Breton speaking dioceses of Trégor, Léon, Cornouaille and Vannes. The ermine canton is from the coat of arms of the historical duchy of Brittany.


Ermine in heraldry is a pattern usually found in heraldry which has a small repeating symbol which is supposed to represent the small weasel-like animal, the ermine. An ermine-spot usually resembles an upside-down tuft of grass with three dots at the top, like in the flag above. it can also be something that resembles the letter U with downward facing lines stemming off of it.

Flag Stigma and Association[]

The flag of Brittany was for a long time, associated with the Breton separatism and was frowned upon by most of the public, but the flag is now viewed as neutral to all causes and flown throughout Brittany, even on government buildings.

Many Bretons falsely believe their flag is the only flag without color in the world, although their fellow Celts and close neighborus Cornwall also have a flag without coloru.


  • Ermines and Stripes
    • Hermines et rayures


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