The flag of Canada is white with two vertical red stripes on the hoist and fly of the flag, with a stylized red maple leaf in the center of the flag.


The flag of Canada flying in the wind.

The red represents the Canadian sacrifice during the World Wars.  White represents peace and equality for all Canadians. The white in the middle also represents the white in the middle of the French flag, which represents Canada's relationship with France. The maple leaf represents the cultural heritage of the nation and the natural resources of Canada.

Design story[]

The government of Canada put out a flag design competition after they gained their independence. George Stanley's design won, and was slightly modified before adoption. [citation needed]


  • The Red Maple Leaf
  • La feuille d'érable rouge
  • The Canadian Jack (1892-1965)


The previous flag of Canada was and is often called "The Red Ensign".


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