Flag of Central African Republic
Central African Republic.svg
Adopted December 1, 1958
Designed by Barthélémy Boganda [1]
Proportions 3:5

The flag of the Central African Republic consists of four equal horizontal bands of blue (top), white, green, and yellow with a vertical red band in centre; there is a yellow five-pointed star on the hoist side of the blue band.[2]


The flag combines Pan-African colours with the colours of the French tricolour.

President Barthélemy Boganda hoped the Central African Republic would become an embryo of the future federation of the Central African nations, which is reflected in the symbolism of the flag he proposed:

  • Blue: the Congo river and the Ocean.
  • White: Chad and its cotton.
  • Yellow: The Central African Republic and its mining riches.
  • Green: Gabon and its forests.
  • Red: Blood shed by martyrs.
  • Star: Guiding light leading the black people to freedom.

Currently the colors have symbolism as follows:

  • Red symbolizes the blood of the people of the nation, the blood that was spilt in order to bring it independence, and the blood that they would spill to protect their nation.
  • Blue represents the sky and freedom.
  • White represents peace and dignity.
  • Green represents hope and faith.
  • Yellow represents tolerance.


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