Flag of Grenada
Adopted February 7, 1974 [1]
Designed by Anthony C. George [2]
Proportions 1:2 [3]

The flag of Grenada is a red-bordered quartered gyronny of yellow and green. Centred in both the upper and lower portions of the red border are three yellow five-pointed stars in a row. Near the centre of the green triangle nearest the hoist is a yellow and red stylized nutmeg. In the centre of the flag is a small emblem, a yellow five-pointed star with a circumscribed red disc.

Flag of the British Windward Islands


Red, yellow, and green are the Pan-African colours, which on this flag represent the island's African culture. [3] The colours also have the following symbolism:

colour symbolism
red courage [1]
yellow sunshine, warmth, and wisdom [4]
green agriculture and vegetation [4]

The large star in the centre of the flag represent Saint George, Grenada's capital city. The six outer stars represent Grenada's six parishes, and the nutmeg is Grenada's major export. [1]


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