The flag of Guinea is a vertical tricolour of red, yellow, and green.


  • Red: the color of blood, symbol of our anti-colonialist martyrs. It is the sweat that runs over the ivory body of farmers, factory workers and other active workers. It is the wish for progress. Therefore red matches perfectly the first word of the motto of Guinea: Travail (Work).
  • Yellow: the color of Guinean gold and African sun. It is the source of energy, generosity and equality for all men to which he gives light equally. Therefore yellow matches perfectly with the second word of the motto: Justice.
  • Green: the color of the African vegetation. 85% of the population are farmers living in the countryside, which is ever covered with a green coat. Green symbolizes prosperity which will surely arise from the wide wealth of soil and subsoil, and the difficult life of the countryside masses in our country. Therefore, green will confirm the meaning of the third word of the motto: Solidarité (Solidarity)[1]

Red, yellow, and green are traditional colors of Pan-African movement, ultimately based on the flag of Ethiopia.

The design (vertical tricolor) is probably a reference to the flag of France, of which Guinea was a colony. [2]


  • Work, Justice, Solidarity


  • If this flag was turned upside-down, it would become the flag of Mali.