Here are instructions on how to write a VexiWiki page.

Flag articles[]

If you are writing an article about a flag, please follow these instructions.

  • First of all, click the paper card button on the right top corner of the page. Then type the name of a political entity that uses this flag. This will move you to the editing field of the new page for you to fill with informations. Don't forget to use infobox!
  • If you have an image of the flag, large or small, please upload it to VexiWiki, and place it at the top of the article, using the following format, inserting the appropriate text after the equals signs.
  • Make an infobox to fill with the basic info about the flag.
  • Write about the design of the flag first. If you have no image, please include a reference to where you got the information. If you have an image, you do not need a reference on the article; however, a reference on the image description page is required, or it will be deleted. Along with describing the design, please tell who designed the flag.
  • Write about the symbolism of the flag, and always include references to where you found the information.
  • Write about any other interesting facts about the flag, if there are any. Some facts to include could be how it was adopted, or what the flag is used for. All trivia about the flag should be placed in a separate "Trivia" section.
  • Categorize the article. Categorizing pages helps VexiWiki grow. Insert categories based on the location of what the flag represents, and the proportions of the flag. If there is any other information that can be placed into categories, such as design, colors, or designers, please use those, too.
  • As English is a world language with many different varieties, many people argue over the correct way of spelling, which would definitely apply when talking about colors...or colours. We would appreciate using American English spelling (as color) only in articles from Category:United States and Category:Liberia, and British English spelling (as colour) in all other articles.
  • If the flag is no longer in official use, please include two dates (preferably years) in parentheses, such as the Star-Spangled Banner. The title of the article should be United States (1795-1818).

Articles about other stuff[]

If you are writing an article about something other than a flag, please follow these instructions.

  1. If it is about a person, such as Benny Benson, do not title the article "Benny Benson"; title the article VexiWiki:Articles/Benny Benson, which indicates that it is not a regular flag article. Do the same with places, things, and ideas. (examples: VexiWiki:Articles/Reno, Nevada, VexiWiki:Articles/NAVA, VexiWiki:Articles/Anarchism)
  2. If the article is not about a flag, you may write the article just like a regular encyclopedia article, but don't forget to put it into categories!
  3. All articles that are not about flags should go into the VexiWiki:Articles section of VexiWiki.