For the Islamic Republic, see the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

The official flag of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, otherwise known as Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, is the de facto government of Afghanistan.

Following the 2021 Fall of Kabul, the Taliban-controlled Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, which controls most of the country, uses a white field with a black Shahada. The de jure Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, which the Taliban overthrew, but still controls most of the country, still uses the tricolor flag with the coat of arms in the center.

Flag Colors[]

Color Color Name HEX RGB Color of
White #fffff Background
Black #000000 Shahada


  • The flag of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan was so controversial that some people thought it was a terrorist/jihadist flag, They should wave the older Afghanistan flag instead (which is currently impossible since the older flag of Afghanistan is the current flag of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan that the Taliban overthrew).

Historical and variant flags[]