Flag of Juneau
Adopted (unknown)
Designed by (unknown)
Proportions 2:3

The flag of Juneau, Alaska, United States, consists of a light blue background, with a light blue rectangle (bordered in blue) about half the size of the flag in the center of the flag, with a stylized green mountain on the left side of the box, The word "JUNEAU" (coloured blue) in the upper-right area of the box. Below "JUNEAU" is a yellow five-pointed star (outlined in blue) with the words "ALASKA'S CAPITAL CITY" (colored blue) to the right of the star. Underneath the "★ ALASKA'S CAPITAL CITY" are stylized waves in blue, all within the box.

It's not the worst city flag out there, but it'd fare much better as a t-shirt.


The blue represents the Pacific Ocean. The five-pointed star is a symbol of the flags of the United States and Alaska, and yellow five-pointed stars are the main symbols of the Alaskan flag. Five-pointed stars are also used on many maps to indicate capital cities, and Juneau is the capital of Alaska. The green stylized mountain represent the mountains which Juneau is located in.

Previous Design[]

Until July 1970[]

The previous flag design of Juneau is yellow with the flag of Alaska on the top-left corner, bordered by a bicolor white and red. The old seal of Juneau is located in the yellow field.


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