Flag of Kyrgyzstan
Adopted March 3, 1992[1]
Designed by E. Aydarbekov, B. Zhaychybekov, S. Iptarov, Zh. Matayev, M. Sadykov[2]
Proportions 3:5

The state flag of the Republic of Kyrgystan is a red rectangle, in the center of which is set a circular solar disk with forty regularly distributed rays of yellow colour. Inside the solar disk there is a tunduk (a "crown") of a Kyrgyz yurt. The width of the flag is three fifths of its length. The diameter of the ray disk if three fifths of the flag width. Ratio of the diameters of the solar and ray disk is 3:5. Diameter of tunduk is half the diameter of the ray disk.


  • The plain red field symbolizes the valour and courage.
  • The golden Sun stands for piece and wealth.
  • The tunduk stands for the house of the fathers, and the broad concept of the world and the universe.
  • 40 rays represent the 40 Kyrgyz tribes; alternate interpretations suggest 40 warriors of the mythical hero Manas.[3]


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