The flag of Libya is a red, black and green flag, featuring a crescent moon and star in the center.


The red recalls the blood of shed for freedom, the crescent moon and the star of Islam, the green is the national color of Libya, and reflects Islam, and the black represents Africa's black people.



The first national flag for Libya, after gaining independence from Italy.


The flag of Libya from 1969-1972, after a political coup.


The third flag of Libya, after the country joined the Federation of Arab Republics.

1977-2011 (Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya)[]

On March 8, 1977, Libya's official name was changed to: Al-Jamahiriya al-Arabiya al-Libiya ash-Sha`biya al-Ishtirakiya (the Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya), and on November 19, 1977 the flag was changed to all-green design by Muammar Gaddafi in reaction to Sadat's visit to Israel.

2011- (Libyan Republic)[]

During the civil war of 2011 the NATO-backed rebels used the 1951 flag which was re-established as the national flag on August 3, 2011.


  • The flag fell out of use in 1969, but was subsequently adopted by the National Transitional Council and anti-Gaddafi forces and effectively reinstated as the country’s national flag in article three of the Libyan Draft Constitutional Charter for the Transitional Stage issued on 3 August 2011.
  • Libya is the only nation that had a flag with a solid color.


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