Flag of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica
Adopted (unknown)
Designed by (unknown)
Proportions 2:3

The flag of the Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica, Chile. Chile claims a part of Antarctica as part of this province, though it has no factual control over this territory and jurisdiction remains limited to Magallanes.


It is rectangular, having the height two thirds of its length, and is divided in two fields. The upper one is blue where the constellation grazes in the fields of the South Cross, and the lower with the edge serrated symbolizing a mountainous horizon, in ochre yellow. The fields are separated by a narrow white stripe. The ochre yellow is the colour of the typical vegetation of the steppe, the physiographic form most characteristic of the regional, expressive geography as well of the wealth of its ground and its subsoil. The parallel white band to the serrated edge symbolizes the snow that crowns the mountains. [1]