Flag of Niue
Adopted 15 October 1975
Designed by (unknown)
Proportions 1:2

The Flag of Niue is the flag of the autonomous, self-proclaimed independent state and sparsely populated island of Niue. It consists of a modified Union Jack, which has many stars lining the stripes, and a larger star in the center of the Union Jack. No other former or current British colony has modified their Union Jack.


The Niue Flag Act of 1975 stated:

"The Niue National Flag shall be a golden yellow flag, bearing on the upper canton of the hoist thereof the Union Flag, commonly known as the Union Jack, displaying 2 five-pointed yellow stars on the vertical line and on the horizontal line thereof separated by a blue disc containing a larger five-pointed yellow star."


The Union Jack symbolizes the protection of Britain, after the chiefs of Niue made a petition with the Empire in 1900. The majority yellow represents Niue's bright sunshine, and the stars represent Niue's gratitude towards New Zealand and its people, and the central blue disc represents the sea everywhere around Niue.

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