For its' democratic counterpart, see the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Flag of the Republic of the Congo
Republic of the Congo.svg
Adopted June 10, 1991 [1]
Designed by (unknown)
Proportions 2:3 [2]

The flag of the Republic of the Congo is a diagonal tricolour of green (top-hoist triangle), yellow (45-degree skewed stripe), and red (bottom-fly triangle). The distinctive diagonal pattern sets it apart from other Pan-African flags.


The flag uses the traditional colours of Pan-African movement, which ultimately are derived from the flag of Ethiopia.

When the flag was adopted two of the colours were attributed with symbolism—green was for agriculture and forests and yellow for the friendship and nobility of the people—but the red has no symbolism. [3]


The country remained French colony (the Middle Congo) till 1960 and used the flag of France. Adoption of a distinct Congolese flag became necessary in 1958 when an autonomous republic was established; the flag of the republic (identical to the current one) was flown alongside with the flag of France. When the country became independent in 1960 the flag was not changed.

During the socialist period (1970-1991) the country used a red flag similar to the flags of the Soviet Union and People's Republic of China, albeit with the addition of green leaves, as to retain the pan-African colors.

he red flag remained in place until 1991, when economic problems and the weakening of the Soviet Union's power due to the Revolutions of 1989 culminated in democratic elections and ultimately, the collapse of the People's Republic of the Congo. The National Conference, which oversaw the transition to a democratic government, reinstated the original flag from 1959 on 10 June 1991.


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