For its' north counterpart, see Sudan.
Flag of South Sudan
South Sudan.svg
Adopted March 22, 2011[1]
Designed by (unknown)
Proportions 1:2

The flag of South Sudan is an equal horizontal tricolour of black, red, and green, with a blue pile superimposed with a yellow 5-pointed star.


The flag originally appeared in 2005 as a symbol of the Sudanese People's Liberation Front. It was adopted as the national flag after South Sudan proclaimed its independence from Sudan in 2011.


According to the official sources, the colours symbolize the following:

  • Red: Blood that was shed by the liberation struggle martyrs.
  • White: Peace attained after many years of the liberation struggle.
  • Blue: Waters of the Nile River, a source of life for the country.
  • Green: The countries natural resources.
  • Black: Black African skin.
  • Yellow: Star guiding the country and its citizens.[2]

The flag seems to be a combination of the design of the flag of Sudan (of which South Sudan was a part until 2011), and the colour scheme of the flag of Kenya (which is ethnically close to South Sudan).


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