Flag of Tajikistan
Adopted November 24, 1992
Designed by (unknown)
Proportions 1:2[1]

The flag of Tajikistan consists of three horizontal stripes of red (top), a wider stripe of white, and green; a gold crown surmounted by seven gold, five-pointed stars is located in the centre of the white stripe.[2] Proportion of the stripe widths is 2:3:2.


The red stripe represents Tajikistan's independence and the land itself. The white represents the country's purity and the cotton industry which is an important part of the Tajik economy. The green represents Tajikistan's agriculture. The crown and stars symbolize Tajik sovereignty, the union of workers and the unity of Tajikistan's social classes.[3]

Alternatively, the white and green stripes may be interpreted as representing the snow-covered mountains and fertile valleys of the country.[4]

The stars and crown probably come from Zoroastrian symbolism.[5]

The flag of Tajikistan is one of two flags of the former Soviet republics (along with the flag of Belarus) which retains some resemblance with the flag of the Soviet period. Also the flag uses the colours of the flag of Iran in reversed order, and therefore the colours may be interpreted as Pan-Persian symbol.


Tajikistan was formed as an autonomous Soviet socialist republic within Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic in 1924, and became a constituent republic of the Soviet Union in 1929 as Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic. Its flag was red banner with the name of the republic in Russian and Tajik languages. Due to frequent change of the official name of the republic, the flag was subject to frequent change as well.[6][7]

New flag of the Tajik SSR was adopted on May 20, 1953, when a new pattern of the Soviet flags was introduced. Besides the Soviet symbolism it included white and green stripes to represent cotton industry and agriculture.

When Tajikistan proclaimed its independence from the Soviet Union on September 9, 1991, the Soviet symbols (the star, and the hammer and sickle) were dropped, but due to ongoing civil war new national symbols were not adopted till November 1992.


  • The stripes' colors are the same pattern as in Hungary's flag.


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