Hello, I am Tbrays30 I've had a passion for flags, (mainly flags of the British oversea territories and other flags featuring the Union Jack).I have a large collection of flags and plan on expanding it. I work as administrator on a few wikias the biggest being; The PAW Patrol Wikia and the Little Bill Wikia, I hope I can help out best I can on this wikia.

A Few Random Things About Me[]

  • My favorite flags would have to be; Fiji, The UK, Tuvalu, British Antarctic Territory, Christmas Island, Cuba, Cocos Islands , Greece, South Africa and the British Indian Ocean Territory.
  • I am a editor as well as a gamer, a few of my favorites consist of Call of Duty World at War, Grand Theft Auto V and Minefcraft, and 2k.
  • I serve as Administrator on over 10 wikias, the main ones being the PAW Patrol Wikia and the Backyardigans Wikia.
  • I have a collection of flags.
  • I am saving for a collection of the flag for every member of the United Nations (193 flags)
  • I either listen or watch the BBC world news every night.
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