Flag of VexiWiki
Adopted January 1, 2009
Designed by Hellerick
Proportions 4:7[1]

The flag of VexiWiki is an equal horizontal bicolour of sky blue and blue, with a right isosceles white pile on the hoist. Over the intersecting point of the three shapes is a two-turned spiral of the three colours winding counterclockwise in. The outer point of the white, sky blue, and blue lines are located along the spiral at 225°, 315°, and 90°, respectively.


The sky blue and white represent the sky, where flags were meant to be flown. The blue represents Wikia and Earth. The swirl represents the wind.

Design story[]

The flag of VexiWiki, as seen on the VexiWiki logo

Flag History


The flag was designed by Hellerick, a VexiWiki user, on the website's flag design page where three members had been submitting a total of fifteen designs. Other VexiWiki users supported the last of Hellerick's designs, and after a quick vote, it was adopted into the VexiWiki logo.

Reference note[]

All information obtained from VexiWiki, see VexiWiki:About for more information.

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