A VexiWiki Featured Article is a VexiWiki article that is considered by VexiWiki members to be one of the best articles on the website. They are chosen monthly, and are placed on the Main Page on the last day of the month. If you would like to suggest an article to be featured, please make sure that the article follows these guidelines before submitting it:

A featured article must have:

  • At least one image
  • No stub template
  • No unknown information
  • No redundance or hard-to-understand words, such as words and/or statements which are extraordinarily burdensome to comprehensively comprehend.
  • A list of references
  • At least one category
  • No red links
  • Words

If the article has everything in that list, then it may be included in the featured article candidates list below. To add an article to the list, just place

===[[Article name]]===

To the top of the list, replacing "Article name" with the name of the article you would like to suggest. If you would like to support or oppose the suggestion just place your reasons for supporting or opposing the suggestion underneath the article suggestion name.

Featured article candidates[]

July 2010[]