These are the rules that every user is required to follow while visiting the VexiWiki. Intentionally breaking these rules will result in your account/IP address being temporarily (or permanently) blocked from editing, commenting or leaving messages.

Editing Guidelines[]

  • Due to Fandom policy you must be at least 13 to make an account.
  • Making spam comments or blog posts are prohibited.
  • Vandalism is prohibited and will result in a warning and or block.
  • Fan made pages are prohibited. They must be all real places.
  • Please follow our format when creating a page (using an infobox, etc).
  • Blanking pages is prohibited.
  • Do not make a mass format change without permission from an Administrator.

Image Policy[]

  • Fake/fan made flags are prohibited unless it is on your userpage.
  • High quality images are mandatory, low quality images will be deleted.
  • Upload the image first and then make the new page.

Personal Behavior[]

  • Threatening comments, racism, sexism, homophobia, etc are prohibited on this site.
  • Do not start moral/social/political arguments.
  • Be respectful to fellow users and Administrators.

VexiWiki Guidelines[]


Basic Guidelines